Meet the Team

Janna Craft

Owner, Founder, Weaver

My name is Janna Craft, owner and founder of Rainbow Frog Textiles, LLC, formed in 2013.

I am the mother to 3 little girls; Cailey, Brenna, and Mya. I have an amazing partner, Jason, and a bonus little girl, Charlotte! Yes, that makes 4 girls and a female cat. Poor Jason. 😉

I have my bachelors degree in business management. My previous career, I worked for years In sales/marketing and management for insurance companies. I started weaving as a hobby. I taught myself and then took a class to get better and learn more. Sewing and working with my hands has always been a creative outlet for me. Having 3 young daughters it’s been great being able to work from home and meet their needs as well. In 2015 I began weaving full time and haven’t looked back. I am grateful for my customers whom I’ve made a lot of great friends. We couldn’t do this without you. My team is fabulous and I appreciate all they do. I very humbly continue to try and grow and learn.

❤️ Janna

Christina Mossaad

I am a mom to 4 earth side babies all under 8, former Orthopedic materials engineer with a MS, PhD from Rutgers University branching into thermodynamics of hydroxyapatite and inorganics, and hobbyist photographer, and newly under the instruction of Janna, a Weaver!

Being a dye artist for the last 4 years for Rainbow Frog and Chromatic Dyenamics has been a fantastic creative outlet and joining the Rainbow Frog team was a pivotal moment for both of us pushing textile arts to a different realm than before!

Our growing team has brought in new ideas and a lot of talent!


Seamstress, Quality Control and Operations

Kelly, wife and home school mom to 3. BSN from Madonna University, former registered nurse in the NICU.

I have known and worked with Janna for the last 10 years. Seamstress for Rainbow Frog which includes hemming, tagging, fringing, ring sling conversions and creating accessories.

Most items are usually photographed, packaged and shipped through me.

Kristen Biscoe

Mom to 2 year old Ella. Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Delaware in Operations Research and Marketing, with a minor in Law.

MBA from the University of Maryland. Was a statistician and cost estimator for the Department of Defense before becoming a stay at home mom.

Currently project and business manager for Rainbow Frog.
Handles project scheduling, customer service, invoicing, customs organization, admin duties, design input, and collaboration outreach.

Laura Bridges

I’m a mom to 3 wild kids. I started weaving 3 years ago and haven’t stopped. I have a long time love for the arts and after babywearing for 6 years it just seemed like the next step.

I love bright colors and the artistic creation behind every wrap. Seeing natural colored yarn turn into a gorgeous piece of cloth still amazes me every time.

I’m so excited to work with this wonderful team and see all the things we can all create!

Ashley Hamm Gordon

I am a work at home mom with two littles under 5, and am proud to be a contract weaver with Rainbow Frog.

In my life before kids, I had a career in the nonprofit sector, focusing on community outreach, fundraising, and managing donor relationships though events.

I have been weaving now for almost four years, and am am incredibly honored and grateful to be a part of such a dynamic and creative team.


You could say I wear a lot of hats... I'm a mom of five children, with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University.

I'm a Controls Engineer, a leader, a mentor, a birth Douala, and last but certainly not least, a fiber artist.

I bought my 1st loom from Janna and started weaving for her not long after. It's been 5 years now and I'm still amazed at the beauty that comes from woven fabric.

Ashley Foy

I started as an admin for the Rainbow Frog page back in May of this year, but I feel like I have known these amazing people for a lot longer. I'm a serious fan girl of all things Rainbow Frog ❤️!

I celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary June 2019 and am married to my soulmate.
We have 3 beautiful kids together, Isabella (8), Riley (4) , and Greyson (2) , and live in upstate new york.

I grew up in Lake George and graduated from Plattsburgh State University in 2007 with a major in psychology and a minor in social work.

As for now I am thankful to spend my days at home raising my 3 kids, drooling and loving on handwoven fiber art, and helping out as I can here with Rainbow Frog!

I love being here and watching all these projects come to life before my eyes ❤️


I have a bachelor degree in Science from Mount Ida College. I majored in Equine Science and have spent most of my life training horses in Hunt Seat style and competing in the East coast circuit. I left the wonderful world of horses to become a mother and wife about ten years ago, but hope to go back at some point.

I am a mother to 4 little boys who are the center of my world. I've been baby wearing for nearly a decade now and it has evolved from inexpensive generic SSC's, to a whole range of beautiful fibers and colors available though handwoven wraps.

I am a new member of the Rainbow Frog Team and just so excited to be able to contribute in a positive manner, assisting with customer service and marketing.


I’m Nicky. After 11 years of dating I married my high school sweetheart.

We have 3 beautiful daughters Madelynn(8) Alexis (6) Elizabeth (4). And our youngest girl Harley the Great Dane (2)I started weaving in 2015 after purchasing a loom for my birthday gift to myself. My first project was a ring sling and I haven’t looked back since.

I absolutely adore weaving and watching something beautiful come from string.

In the last 3.5 years I have churned through 10 looms. I currently own 3 looms 2 that I use for wraps and one small loom used mainly for scarves. When regulations went into effect I thought I would be done weaving wraps. Luckily I was invited by janna to join the Rainbow Frog team.

The last year has been a blast and I am so blessed to be apart of such a wonderful team with such amazing fans/customers.

Deb Leverence

Weaver, Seamstress, Artist and Business Owner

Deb began her journey into the Fiber Arts in the 1980’s, starting her home-based business as a Seamstress in between being a Wife and Mom. It was a hobby she expanded from making clothes for herself, her Husband and Daughter to making custom clothing and alterations.

She became involved in creating costumes for the local Theater Group in Dearborn, Michigan and expanded that into making costumes for Dance and Ice-Skating individuals and Groups, gaining her the recognition and reputation to be selected by a professional costume designer to create a 20 foot long silk and sequined cape for Aretha Franklin’s Atlantic City performance.

Ever looking for new challenges, she wanted to sew on the “Ultimate Fabric”, so, Deb decided to expand her Fiber Arts into the realm of Weaving in the early 1990’s. Her first class was at the Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village. The rest, as they say… is History. She was hooked for life.

Deb and Husband Joe, bought a condemned building in Allegan Michigan in 2006, intending to build their dream home with a nice size Studio for her weaving and sewing along with some rental spaces to supplement their future retirement. They named the building Baker Allegan Studios because the building was originally a Baker Furniture Factory building and her Studio, would be called Sow Spun Silk. Why? Because the saying goes: “You can’t make a Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear”. If you see the photos of the before and after of their building… then you will see that you can… in fact… make a wreck of a building into a beautiful shop and residence…. A “Silk Purse”, if you will.

The “Studio”, started in 2008, became a weaving shop by 2010, with a web site, offering Weaving Classes and New and Used Looms and Spinning Wheels and growing to become perhaps the largest Weaving Shop in West Michigan. Expanding into providing Yarn… they acquired Old Mill Yarn, formerly Davidson’s Old Mill Yarn of Eaton Rapids Michigan, on Jan. 1st, 2018 and expanded into selling Mill Ends and Discount yarns through their shop and their web site,

In June of 2014, Deb began weaving for Rainbow Frog Textiles, Weaving anywhere from 18 to 70 Meters per month and LOVING every minute of it. Believe it or not… Joe & Deb consider themselves “Retired”. “We can’t call it work… if we LOVE what we do.

Jason Pelc

Dad to 7 year old Charlotte, The love of Janna’s life, Industrial Designer from Western Michigan U. Dual masters degree in engineering management and MBA from Lawrence Tech, currently an account manager for Alcantara providing faux suede for the auto industry, over 10 year experience with automotive textiles, Currently provide the PR, travel and promotional items for the Frog. Proud to be a part of a creative and energetic team that loves and understands their customers