Meet the Team



In my previous life I was a sales/marketing manager in the insurance industry. My passion is working with people. My creative side loves to design and make “things”. I love to keep my hands busy. I have drawn, crocheted, sewed, and designed my whole life. My prior company, which I rebranded to Rainbow Frog, was CCbaby, where I up cycled wool to make diaper covers and other fun wool items.

In 2013 I just had to learn how to weave. I bought a loom and started teaching myself how to weave. I took a weaving course and learned a lot more from that. I started weaving some scarves and doll slings and then ventured in to some wrap testers. Today, Rainbow Frog has blossomed into a team of weavers as well as a seamstress and quality control support.

My whole heart goes in to what I do. I enjoy making mamas wrapping dreams come true.


Seamstress, Quality Control and Operations

Kelly and Janna have been working and sewing together for 6+ years now. We worked together creating for CCbaby. Kelly has an amazing eye for detail, creativity and perfectionism. Kelly hems and tags wraps, creates wrap scarp goodies, adorable soft sole booties as well as helps get the wraps all ready to go to their new homes. She is a second eye for quality control, checking for flaws and preparing for shipping.
Kelly is a huge asset to our team.



Lindsi and Janna met through a local baby wearing group when Janna was selling one of her looms. We struck up a friendship and pretty much began weaving together early 2014. By trade, Lindsi is a Controls Engineer, which explains her creativity and beautiful success with weaving.

She primarily weaves on her 16-shaft AVL loom, which gives us versatility and ability to create fun designs. She has a natural eye for design and color and creates amazing hand woven pieces.


Weaver, Seamstress

Deb owns Baker Allegan Studios, a local weaving and artisan studio in Michigan. Her long history of sewing and weaving is impressive.

Deb’s expertise in weaving, design, looms etc.. has been a huge asset to Rainbow Frog and growing our business to offer more designs. Deb is a great mentor, we are so glad to have her on our team.

Check out the link to her studio, which includes her history.



More info coming soon!